The Most Hyper Realistic Tattoos Existing Today


We’ve all seen awesome tattoos, but what we’ve prepared for you in this article is out of this world, so get ready for some real works of art! Whether you choose to be shocked or impressed by these tattoos, one thing is sure – the artists behind them are true geniuses.

Knock knock

This amazing 3D tattoo will make you believe this is just a photo of one of Dali’s works, rather than a real guy with a hyper-realistic tattoo. No matter who that little man with a hat and glasses represents, the message here is pretty clear – there’s someone inside this guy bursting to get out.Unbelievable Tattoos

You can’t use my pen

You may find yourself asking this man for a pen one day, only to find out that the one he’s wearing is actually a tattoo. You might not even believe him at first – that’s how realistic the thing is!Unbelievable Tattoos