Famous Child Stars of the 70’s – Where Are They Now?


The 1970’s was a funky and iconic period that no one can forget. Some of the most famous shows came out back then, such as “The Brady Bunch” and “Happy Days”. That era has paved the way for many of the most famous current faces in the show business. Let’s take a look down the memory lane and review the more and less famous 70’s child stars of that time, and see what they have been up to all these years! We promise you will be surprised and entertained along the way.

David Cassidy – Then

Mostly known for his role as Keith Partridge on the hit show “The Partridge Family”, and the family band’s lead singer. Before he made his debut in the silver screen, he had trouble staying in school and was thrown out more than a few times, and he could hardy even manage to stay in college longer than one year. Well, I guess all of that was not that important because he was actually hired to the “Partridge” show based on his good looks! The producers of the show didn’t even care if he could sing or not, and they definitely did not care that he had not completed his education. Their decision has paid off – David and his incredible hair became one of the most iconic teen idols of the 70’s. David had endured some medical issues during that time, such as an operation on his optical nerve and later the removal of his gallbladder, but he never let those little hurdles to get in the way with his fame. Cassidy later quit the Partridge show after a young fan had collapsed and died from heart failure at a concert where many of his fans were also injured. He remained in the spotlights writing and recording songs, guest starring in TV series and movies and by 1986 he already managed to get married and divorced twice, and became a father for the first time. Fun fact: David is allergic to garlic! I wonder if it keeps his breathe smelling extra fresh…

The 1970s: Then and Now